My name is Amon. I'm a Aspiring Developer and Learner.

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About Me

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My name is Amon Mishra or Bhanu for short. I am an enthusiastic web developer living in Bangkok Thailand.

I graduated from Mahidol University majoring in Computer Engineering. Being a 20 years old Thai-Indian programmer, I'm not only proficient in Hindi, English and Thai languages but also HTML, C, C++, Java, Javascript, PHP. I have good understanding of Android programing and IOS applications. I've experience in making Android Apps. For web-development I've experience in working with Laravel, Angular and Code Iginter frameworks. Also, I've interest in digital marketing. I'm certified by google for digital marketing in adword marketing. So I am eager to pursue a successful career in either Web Development or digital marketing mainly on display and adwords. I am positive, motivated, and hardworking person.

I am also currently looking for a job position in web development or android application. If you are hiring within Bangkok, please click on the big blue button below to check my Resume. Do email me at bhanu.amon@gmail.com to request my CV or any further detail.

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